Respiratory failure can be difficult to predict. It can develop into a life-threatening condition in just a few minutes, or it can build up more slowly. Thus continuous monitoring of respiratory activity should be mandatory in clinical, high-risk situations, and appropriate monitoring equipment could be life-saving. The ExSpiron 1Xi supports clinicians and nurses in early detection and optimizes respiratory care. 


ExSpiron Non Invasive Respiratory Monitor

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Our portfolio targets all application situations such as intensive care unit, emergency and transport, and all patient groups (neonatal, pediatric, and adult patients). We developed as well as our solution to support the increased demand in order to fight COVID-19. Feel free to contact us about the MV20 or follow the link below.

MV20 COVID Emergency Ventilator

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Jaundice is the major reason for readmission of healthy newborn infants after discharge from hospital Hospital referrals are costly and complicated. Visual assessment alone is unreliable. Clinical decisions need to be taken. Having an immediate access to laboratory blood tests is not always realistic and therefore an available screening tool is required. The Bilistick is a POC device with high accuracy and is easy to use for nurses and doctors. 

Bilistick POC Bilirubine measurement 

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We provide high-end respiratory consumables for neonatal and pediatric patients. The Safe Solution for Your Smallest Patients

Delivering continuous oxygen flow alongside pre-set PIP and PEEP pressures enables clinicians to safely provide the necessary ventilatory support during infant resuscitation. Designed specifically for use on delicate lungs of premature babies and newborns under 10 kg/22 lbs

Safe T for safe resuscitation


Prevention of hypothermia and early intervention are very important when it comes to survival since hypothermia is associated with high mortality among critically injured trauma patients

Mwarming system to improve patient outcomes