We are grateful to work together with partners who offer high-quality services and products.

In order to change outcomes in the hospital for our customers and patients, we strive to maintain the highest level of safety, education, and support.  Our partners bring new technologies, different insights, and changes to diagnose, monitor, and ventilate patients.

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 Respiratory Motion Inc / A Senzime Company

Respiratory Motion, Inc., is the global leader in innovative Minute Ventilation Monitoring, useful across a wide variety of patient populations and environments to assess respiratory function and provide early warning of respiratory collapse.


MEQU is a technology leader in the world of fluid warming under the most challenging circumstances. 

Prevention of hypothermia and early intervention are very important when it comes to survival since hypothermia is associated with high mortality among critically injured trauma patients.

°MEQU provides a fast and easy blood warming solution to treat patients in critical situations regardless of where the injury takes place.


Burke&Burke / Bilimetrix working on changing neonatal healthcare to fight Jaundice. Neonatal hyperbilirubinemia occurs in more than 60% of term newborns and is characterized by a peak of serum bilirubin between the 3-5th day of life, returning to normal values ​​in about 2 weeks.


"As the very first company that successfully commercialized High-Frequency Oscillatory ventilators, it is with extreme delight when we learn that our products have helped save the lives of thousands of premature babies or patients recovering from life-threatening situations. We engrave the preciousness of life in our hearts. We aim to contribute to the health of patients with the motto of 'the patient comes first'."

InnoVentiv is a solution-minded association of experts, patient focused in all ventilation aspects from neonatology to geriatrics care. Capitalising nearly one century of critical clinical background and competence in on-the-field respiratory care. 


SunMed is an FDA registered, ISO-13485, and MDSAP certified American manufacturer and distributor of consumable respiratory and anesthesia products. Our products are used in hospitals, homes, and health care facilities all over the world. For more than 40 years, we have expanded our brands to offer one of the most comprehensive collections of respiratory and anesthesia products on the market